We are leveraging technology to connect retailers to manufacturers and wholesalers.

Feegor is an innovative B2B e-commerce company that enables retailers discover, connect, and source goods directly from manufacturers and major wholesalers nationwide. Leveraging strategic partnerships, we provide Buy-Now-Pay-Later services, while ensuring flexible delivery and payment options.

Value proposition

Restock goods from the convenience of your mobile phone

We enable SMEs to buy goods in bulk by providing them with access to wholesalers and manufacturers across Nigeria. They can do this from anywhere with a few clicks on their mobile phone.

Reliable and flexible delivery service

We provide flexible delivery options while ensuring all ordered items are delivered on-time and in good condition. We also handle returns and provide customer support services.

Buy Now, Pay Later

We understand that capital may not always be available at the needed time. Therefore, we have ensured that SMEs can confidently buy goods in bulk from manufacturers or trusted wholesalers and pay at a convenient time in future.

Data driven approach

We enable businesses to monitor their growth and performance by providing a feature that helps SMEs track their orders, revenue, customers and inventory.

We are eager to provide an exceptional experience.

At Feegor, we do not take customer experience lightly. We go the extra mile to ensure we become the most trusted e-commerce brand in Nigeria while providing excellent customer support services, swift and easy delivery and a simple return policy.

We enable SMEs to make money and grow their business.

We are tech-driven company providing easy efficient solutions for Africa’s informal retail market though we starting with Nigeria. We are optimizing procurement, order fulfillment and supply chain processes for SMEs.

We are excited about the future of E-commerce in Africa

At Feegor, we believe e-commerce will play a crucial role in the growth and development of Africa’s economy and we are positioning ourselves to be a major driver of this reality in Africa. Our goal is to transform how SMEs carry out business in Africa

Our Mission

To bridge the geographical gaps and connect retail businesses for efficient transactions.

Our Vision

To optimize product sourcing end-to-end for SMEs across Africa.

Our Core Values


At Feegor, we approach our work, customers and colleagues with the right mindset and attitude, giving them the utmost attention and priority they deserve.


We strive for excellence & greatness in everything and do not condone mediocrity of any kind on any level. We focus on results and accept responsibility for outcomes.


We do the right thing (comply with policy, directives and morals) at the right time. We ensure we are data-driven, confront facts and do whatever it takes (legally) to be the best.